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Celebrating one year of success with TASK™: The Assessment of Sustainability Knowledge


We are thrilled to celebrate the anniversary of TASK™, The Assessment of Sustainability Knowledge. In just one year, TASK™ has catalyzed sustainability education by providing higher education institutions with a standardized measure and monitoring tool of students' sustainability knowledge.

We believe building a sustainable future requires mainstreaming sustainability literacy.

Sustainability should be incorporated throughout the curriculum so that all graduating students, no matter what career path they chose, are equipped with the knowledge and solutions they need to address sustainability challenges. TASK™, through its evaluation of students and their knowledge, will help realize this goal throughout the world,” stated Meghan Fay Zahniser, Executive Director at AASHE.

TASK™ empowers individuals to gauge their proficiency in sustainability and equips institutions with valuable insights into the effectiveness of their educational programs.

Over the last year, 50 institutions over 7 countries used TASK™. Together they offered more than 11,000 assessments! We have seen hundreds of certificates being shared on LinkedIn by their students, and it is encouraging to hear about their motivation keep learning about sustainability and work in this space.

Moreover, it fuels us each day to see TASK™ fulfilling its purpose.

“TASK™ helped us identify disparities in results between different cohorts of students and pinpoint areas of improvement, aiming to better prepare them for future challenges,” stated Sébastien Bourdin, professor and TASK™ coordinator at EM Normandie.

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As we reflect on the success of the past year, we are excited about the continued growth and impact of TASK™ in advancing sustainability education worldwide.

We extend our gratitude to our stakeholders for their unwavering support in our mission to build a more sustainable future.

Thank you to our clients for your trust and continuous commitment to mainstreaming sustainability knowledge: (list of clients, maybe per country?)

Thank you to our partners for your recognition and for catalyzing positive change in the education sector: AASHE, PRME, QS, IAE

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