Become a TASK™ Change Leader

At Sulitest, we believe in the power of education to shape a sustainable future. We launched TASK™ - The Assessment of Sustainability Knowledge - to enable higher education institutions (HEIs) to transform and integrate sustainability into their curriculum.

Since its launch in March 2023, TASK™ has enjoyed remarkable success with 32 leading schools and universities, from 4 different countries, joining TASK's Change Leader program. Over 9000 TASK™ certificates were issued over the last months!

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Are you driving the sustainability shift within your University or School?
Do you need data to pilot your education for sustainability strategy?

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Why use TASK™?

Lead the movement

Advance the integration of sustainability education, join community of like-minded educators, and pave the way for other institutions.
Harness the power of data

TASK's diagnostics enable you to better manage and report on your sustainability education efforts. Do entry- and exit-testing and measure your progress!
Empower your graduates

Evaluate how your pedagogy prepares students to tackle sustainability challenges and offer them a Certification in Sustainability Knowledge.
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About the TASK™
Change Leader program

You commit to

Offer TASK™ to the majority of the students in your institution in the next 3 years
You get
  • Unlimited assessment sessions
  • Resources to support your pedagogy
  • Community of practice with pioneering and like-minded educators
  • End-to-end support (platform tutorials, session monitoring, tech support, communication templates, etc.)
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Join the Change Leader program!

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About TASK™

TASK™ provides higher education institutions (HEIs) with a common international framework for measuring, monitoring and advancing students' sustainability knowledge.

In practice, TASK is an online "exam" consisting of around 100 multiple-choice questions, covering a wide range of sustainability topics.

Its results offer HEIs a comprehensive diagnosis of sustainability knowledge!

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About Sulitest

Over the last 10 years Sulitest has offered universities tools with one mission at heart – to mainstream sustainability literacy worldwide!

Sulitest is a movement recognized by accreditation bodies and academic networks.

Sulitest launched TASK™ in March 2023, and already has over 30 HEIs part of the Change Leader community.

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