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Improve your knowledge of the SDGs with online tools from Sulitest and its partners!

Faced with the current global situation, the world of education is mobilizing to promote knowledge through online tools. More than ever, it is essential to take advantage of the time we are given to learn and share. This is why Sulitest continues to support you and offers an online educational platform to assess your knowledge on sustainable development and the SDGs. Do not hesitate to use our free online tools, but also those of our partners! OUR ONLINE TOOLS

Already taken by more than 150,000 people worldwide, the Test is Sulitest's most popular educational tool. The Test is a free online Multiple Choice Questionnaire with learning feedback. It is made up of an international module of 30 questions that is regularly revised, national modules developed by experts, which deal with local issues (regulations, laws, culture and practices of the country), but also modules specific to certain SDGs, developed with our partners.

The Quiz is the perfect icebreaker to engage your students and staff. Lasting 15 minutes, this interactive game involves several teams and can be used during board meetings, classes or other events to allow for a fun exchange while raising awareness about sustainable development. It can be used in person or remotely with screen sharing.  

Looping by Sulitest is a new interface available online using flipped learning to better understand the SDGs and their links to specific topics. Participants in a Looping session co-create questions related to one or more SDGs. The interface allows for peer learning and evaluation, to foster collective intelligence and critical thinking. It is accompanied by an adapted pedagogical kit, allowing for feedback.  

These tutorials on our YouTube channel as well as our webinar held in May 2019 will explain the basic manipulations to engage with us.


To best answer all your specific requests, or if you are new to the Sulitest community, the entire team is at your disposal to organize explanatory webinars! If you are interested, please fill out the Google Form below: Make your request here!

Do not hesitate to contact us at contact@sulitest.org and support@sulitest.org.

You can also find educational resources from our partners UN SDG: Learn and SDG Academy! More info here


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