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March 2019: Proceedings and outcomes of the UNEA workshop


On March 13, 2019, the United Nations Division for Environmental Education and Youth Ecosystems and Sulitest hosted a workshop at the United Nations Environment Assembly in Nairobi, "How to raise awareness on the fundamental challenges of the circular economy for SCP?"

The purpose of this workshop was to review questions proposed by a core team of experts to build a new Sulitest module dedicated to the role of the circular economy in achieving SDG12 (Responsible Consumption and Production.Sam Barratt, Head of the Ecosystem Education and Youth Division, introduced the partnership between UN Environment and Sulitest.

Steven Stone, Head of the Resources and Markets Directorate at the Economics Division, presented his vision on the role of the circular economy for SCP and sustainable living. After a presentation of the Sulitest initiative by Jean-Christophe Carteron and Aurélien Décamps, the thirty participants were able to try out the test and review the questions proposed for the Circular Economy module. This workshop took place on the United Nations Environment Assembly and the launch of the United Nations Youth Alliance for the Environment.and Education Thanks to the team of experts: Christophe Debien (INEC), Eric Allodi (UPCYCLEA), Gail Willows (Ellen Macarthur Foundation), Peter Hopkinson (University Of Exeter), David Peck (Delft Technical University), Nathalie Boyer (OREE), Paul Angulo (ERNST & YOUNG), Olawale Olayide (University Of Ibadan), Susana Paixo-Barradas (Kedge Business School), Pedro Albuquerque (Kedge Business School), Saskia Manshoven (VITO), Côme Renaudier (ADEME) and thanks to all the participants of this workshop!

About the UN Environmental Education and Training Unit: The Environmental Education and Training Unit is located at the United Nations Environment Headquarters in Nairobi. It supports university, government and community sustainability networks, as well as students and innovators working towards sustainability; provides training courses and leadership programs on critical environmental issues; empowers professionals to solve complex environmental problems; and inspires, encourages and assists universities to develop and deliver sustainable campus living to their students, faculty and staff.

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