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10 years of the sustainability literacy movement: Our latest HLPF report


Ten years ago, with the support of an extraordinary community, the Sulitest movement was born to advance sustainability literacy and contribute to systemic change through higher education. In March, we released TASK™ – The Assessment of Sustainability Knowledge – with the ambition of transforming education by (re)setting the standard of sustainability knowledge, and today we are proud to present our first TASK report.  

With TASK™, HEIs will now be able to ensure that future graduates, regardless of specialty, share a common knowledge base and understanding of the sustainability challenges ahead.

As the first tool to measure the level of sustainability knowledge for student cohorts, TASK™ provides HEIs with reliable data and indicators that can be shared with stakeholders. It also enables students—and in the future, professionals and individuals—to acquire a certificate attesting to their level of knowledge on major global issues.  

Trends at a glance  

Since the launch of TASK™, 4346 candidates have completed the assessment. From this data, interesting trends emerge:

In this report, we describe how we are able to provide such robust measures, by describing the psychometrics model behind TASK.

The report also describes how Sulitest arrived at a definition of Sustainability Knowledge, through collaboration with the HE community, mobilizing a wide body of recent and relevant science-based literature and existing approaches, methodologies, and frameworks for sustainability.  

How do schools and universities integrate TASK™? The Change Leader program  

Only 3 months after the launch of TASK™, we’ve seen 25 prestigious HEIs join the Change Leader Program. By joining this program, institutions agree to fulfill the ambitious objective of certifying with TASK at least 75% of their graduates within the next three years. As such, the Change Leader Program ensures that sustainability is not confined to a single discipline but becomes an integral part of every student’s educational journey.

At EM Normandie, the deployment of TASK™ has been described as a rich learning experience which

"helped us identify disparities in results between different cohorts of students and also pinpoint areas of improvement to enhance their level and better prepare them for future challenges ",

shared Sébastien Bourdin, professor at EM Normandie.

Sulitest & PRME Impactful Five (i5)  

Lastly, in the report, we share about the PRME Impactful Five (i5) program. Together with Harvard’s Project Zero and PRME, this program aims to develop the pedagogical adoption of playful learning. Sulitest is responsible for leading The PRME (i5) Assessment Framework so that it specifically tests the development of PRME (i5) learning and pedagogical approaches among faculty.

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