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July 2022: Sulitest at the UN HLPF and the Knowledge Assessment


In 2022, Sulitest will launch the first online certificate assessing sustainability knowledge, along with a campaign to encourage educators to deploy it not just in specialized programs, but rather in all of their programs.

Why certify all graduates?

Transforming society requires that sustainability be a common language. Earlier in July, at the United Nations High Level Political Forum, we held a conference to announce TASK™-The Assessment of Sustainable Knowledge-and released our annual report. If you weren't able to join us at these events, here's a recap below!

Sustainability knowledge assessment

This event was the occasion to launch TASK - The Assessment of Sustainability Knowledge - the first certificate to set the standard for sustainability knowledge.

We also gave our advice on integrating sustainability into the education system and measuring university performance. The various speakers explained how they are currently working with faculty, students, accrediting bodies, and other stakeholders to develop long-term sustainability strategies. Watch the replay here.

Integrating Education for Sustainable Development into the DNA of universities - Can we prove it?

A recurring question is how universities can demonstrate the effectiveness of the application of different strategies, and how to ensure that these initiatives are broad in scope, and do not remain confined to a niche. Sustainability knowledge assessment.

As an online certificate, it aims to be an accessible and easy-to-implement tool that reliably and comparably measures (country/organization) a level of sustainability knowledge. TASK has been recognized by stakeholders (universities, rankings...), and its system will allow for easy data extraction and generation of indicators and metrics across an organization.

The first pilot version of the TASK™ will be launched during the fall of 2022, and will be offered to a wider audience in the spring of 2023.

HESI event Stimulating collective action for the SDGs:

The Role of Higher Education - Building a Sustainable and Resilient Recovery

Each year, HESI brings together leaders in sustainability education to share tools, case studies, best practices, and more. On this occasion, HESI invited Sulitest to present TASK and its value to the academic community. Watch the replay here

Our report is online! "Raising Awareness and Mapping the Global Goals".

As a contributor to the UN HLPF, we publish our report each year, which identifies trends in SDO awareness that have emerged from the use of our current tools. This year's report also includes a recap of the last twelve months in the Sulitest movement and features TASK. Read the report!

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