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Exploring Perception of Faculty Engagement in Sustainability: A Global Survey


To enable a true cultural shift that accelerates education for sustainability, listening is vital. Today, in partnership with HESI, Campus de la transition, CGE, CIRCES, EFMD, Enseignants de la transition, GRLI, IAU, THE, PRME, and with the support of UNESCO, UNITAR, UNU, we are launching a global survey titled Exploring Perception of Faculty Engagement in Sustainability: An International Survey Identifying Levers of Action and Best Practices.


At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to accelerating sustainability education. We recognize the pivotal role that faculty members play in shaping the future of sustainability within higher education. Hence, our primary objective is to delve deeper into understanding their approaches and perspectives towards this vital movement.

We have formulated two primary hypotheses for consideration:  

  • In the context of sustainability within higher education institutions, there exists a communication gap hindering effective engagement with diverse populations, leading to an inadequate reach and impact;  
  • Higher levels of sustainability training provided by the university to its employees will positively correlate with an increased prevalence of actively engaging individuals within the university community.


Through this survey, we aim to achieve several critical goals. Firstly, we endeavour to develop a comprehensive "typology" of faculty engagement in sustainability education. By assessing the factors influencing faculty involvement and understanding the resources required for each group, we seek to pave the way for more effective and targeted initiatives. Additionally, our aim is to systematically identify, document, and analyse best practices in sustainability education, ensuring that we learn from the successes of others and foster continuous improvement.


Now, you might be wondering how you can contribute to this transformative endeavour. If you are a professional responsible for integrating sustainability into your institution's curriculum, we invite you to share your invaluable insights and experiences by participating in this survey. Your contributions will not only enrich our understanding but also empower us to drive meaningful change.  

Share your experience through the survey!

We would also appreciate if you could spread the word among your colleagues. The deadline for submissions is April 30th.

If you’d like to receive the report sharing insights of this survey, please complete this form.

Thank you for joining us in this important endeavour!

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