For each organization, one or multiple “Examiners“ are registered who can organize Test sessions with the automated online tool, and invite his/her students or colleagues to participate. 






What is it?

Sulitest´s best known tool - the “Test“ - is in an online, easy to use, multiple-choice-question format that is available in Learning Mode and Exam Mode. 


In Learning Mode users are given the right answers with explanations and sources to deepen their learning about Sustainable Development issues. In Learning Mode, examiners set up the time frame for the “Test“ which can be extended over several weeks. 

In Exam Mode users will be placed in an exam setting where no resources can be consulted. The time frame is set by an examiner, usually ranging from 30-60 minutes.



When creating a "Test" session, administrators or examiners  can choose to make this session “anonymous”. In this case, only the candidate will have access to his/her individual scores, whereas examiners will only have access to general statistics and data on the cohort as a whole.

When a session is not “anonymous”, the examiner has access to all the data concerning the candidate. The candidate is informed when beginning the test if the session is anonymous or not.



Content Options

To understand sustainable development, it is crucial to have a macro understanding of global issues.

The International Core Module of the “Test“ consists of a set of 30 international questions that are selected from an expert-approved database by an algorithm. It is also important to comprehend local or specific issues, and that is why the International Core module is usually combined with a Specialized Core Module consiting of 20 additional questions.








 Aligning Sulitest with the SDGs framework

All the tools developed by Sulitest are aligned with the SDGs framework. 
In addition, to improve awareness of specific goals, various entities - including UN agencies, academic institutions, and civil society - in partnership with Sulitest have taken the lead on the development of several SDG-specific modules. Two new modules have been launched during the July 2018 HLPF (High-level Political Forum) on Sustainable Development: SDG 7 Module and the SDG 11 Module. 

Already available Specialized Question Modules on specific SDGs: 

    • SDG Framework Module: supports an understanding of the interconnectedness of our challenges and targets (in collaboration with UN-DESA 
    • SDG7 “Ensure Access to Affordable, Reliable, and Sustainable and Modern Energy for All“ (in collaboration with UN-DESA)
    • SDG11 “Make Cities Inclusive, Safe, Resilient, and Sustainable“ (in collaboration with UNEP)
    • SDG 12 “Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns“ (in collaboration with UNEP)



In progress: 

  • SDG4 “Ensure Inclusive And Quality Education For All and Promote Lifelong Learning“ (in collaboration with UNESCO)




Our methodology for creating and validating questions

Each question is based on a content matrix, aligned with one or more of the UN SDGs,
and is assessed and validated by a group of international experts.


Any questions?

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