Play as a team with the new Sulitest game on SDG's



What is it?

Outstanding « ice breaker », the Quiz is perfect to playfully initiate debates on Sustainable Development, at the introduction of training courses, seminars or public events, at team meetings, or even to start a discussion within a board of directors. It is suitable for small groups of about ten people as well as for events of several hundreds.

How can I use it?

The facilitator displays the "Quiz" questions on a projector screen and participants use their computer, tablet, or phone to connect. Each question is displayed in real time, and each team member has a certain time frame (normally 1 minute) to respond. After each question is completed, team scores are displayed on a graph, along with a Learning Statement. At the end, a summary displays the overall results and the winning team.







For more information, discover our SuliQuiz Special User Guide!

Player screen (smartphone, computer or tablet) 

As soon as the facilitator launches the countdown, players can see the first question and must answer within one minute



Projector Screen
(video projector) 

Questions, possible answers, and percentage of team members who have responded are displayed





Projector Screen  

Correct answer & distribution of answer responses from ALL gamers. 



Projector Screen  

Percentage of correct answers per team per question.



Projector Screen  

Summary of overall game results with percentage of correct answers per team and the winning team! 

Any questions?

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