Privacy Policy  

Keeping your data private




  1. Regarding the structure of the "Test" and the data collected:
    Each student who registers on the platform (or who is registered in a "Test" session organized by a teacher for his own students) is identified via his name - first name - email address. This information is attached to the organization to which this student belongs and which is in charge of scheduling the sessions.
    At the end of a "Test" session, and for research purposes, a short socio-demographic survey is proposed. This survey is optional (the student chooses to answer it or not). The collected data are age, gender, country of origin, country of residence, diploma, specialization, personal commitment and organization in sustainable development... etc

  2. Regarding the use of the data collected:
    Sulitest is an independent NGO whose objective is the promotion of knowledge on the issues related to sustainable development. The data collected, once anonymized, are intended for research work on education and training for sustainable development.
    No resale or commercial exploitation of the data is and will never be performed or authorized by Sulitest.
    No non-anonymized data will be used by the Sulitest association, or by researchers who have requested access to the data. For example, these data can not be used to establish rankings (between students, between universities ...). Any researcher wishing to access the data Sulitest must request to the association, justifying the purpose of his research, and the data they wish to use for this purpose.
    An example of the use of these data is the annual report produced by Sulitest as part of the "High Level Political Forum".

  3. Application of the regulation on the Protection of Personal Data (GDPR):
    We have been working on the implications of the General Data Protection Regulation, to ensure that we (in our data collection and storage or data delivery processes) and our technical partner (who develops, hosts, operates and maintains the Sulitest platform) are in compliance with this regulation.
    As examples of the application of these restrictions:
       - a student wishing to receive e-mails of information on the progress of the Sulitest project must indicate it clearly at his first connection
       - a student wishing to have their personal data deleted may do so by simple written request (via a simple email to the association).
       - the potential use of the data collected is explicitly indicated at the time of registration and at the beginning of the "survey" phase of a "Test" session

  4. As a summary:
    We only collect generic personal data obtained after consent, for an explicitly stated purpose, ensuring the reversibility of consent.
    The results data obtained at the different sessions set up by an organization, associated with the personal data of the students who have taken these sessions, remain the property of this organization
    The anonymized data (students and organization) of the results obtained at the different sessions put in place by any user organization of the platform remain the property of Sulitest, for a potential exploitation within the framework mentioned above (research work on education and training in sustainable development)