The Sulitest Organization

Built to serve the common good and its international community, Sulitest is a movement driven by two vehicles, the Sulitest Association (non-profit organization) and the SAS Sulitest impact (social business).



We are committed to having Sulitest as a movement and community for the “common good”. It is essential that the Sulitest ensures the broadest and most transparent governance possible to ensure relevance, independence and credibility.

By giving itself the mission of "raising awareness and assessing sustainability literacy", the Sulitest association, created in 2014, intends to play a key role in achieving objective 4.7 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Agenda, which aims to "ensure that all learners acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to promote sustainable development".

For several years, the association has deployed a number of tools on its online platform, including its famous awareness test taken by more than 225,000 people worldwide. But despite international recognition, and the beginning of a commercial offer, the association's model was reaching its limits, as its means did not allow for a change of scale.

The association and its two co-founders therefore decided to create a social business in 2021 with the objective of massifying the impact of the Sulitest movement (an SAS of the ESUS type in the French law). In January 2022, private and public higher education institutions and individuals joined the capital through a fundraising campaign.

The Sulitest movement is now supported by 2 vehicles: the association, shareholder of the SAS, is the guarantor of the meaning. Its role includes advocacy, reporting and UN representation, and the animation of communities of contributors for the tools of the common good. It will eventually have a role in capacity building, supporting SD education and research. The social business, Sulitest Impact, is in charge of the design, editing, development and management of all the tools, and the deployment of the commercial activity. It plays a support role in the animation of user communities and hosts all content (association and SAS). Finally, it develops R&D on the impact of using Sulitest tools on both individuals and organizations.


Legal structures

The Sulitest association
  • is a non-governmental organization, officially registered as a non-profit association (Association loi 1901), in Marseille - France (SIREN N° 812 161 859).
  • Sulitest has observer status with the United Nations Environment Assembly (accreditation 430/218) and special consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council since 2019


Sulitest Impact
  • Is a company of the Social & Solidarity economy (SAS type ESUS) – SIREN 899 696 082 Marseille - France

Governance of the Sulitest Association 


The questions developed by Sulitest for its International Core module are based on relevant and verified sources that are subject to a broad consensus in the community of researchers and practitioners in the field (international texts and reports, UN conventions, specialized national agencies, etc.). A Senior Advisory Board (SAB) with representatives from international organizations and UN agencies validates the questions and the iteration of the tool.

Moreover, as we believe that ESD should also be locally relevant, we created Regional or National Expert Committees or RNECs. RNECs lead the development of Sulitest in their local environment by coordinating diverse stakeholders to develop local questions, translating content into their own language and acting as ambassadors of the Sulitest movement by engaging local communities.

RNECs with Locational modules currently available: Brazil, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Faroe Islands (Denmark), Fin- land, France, Hong Kong (SAR, China), India, Japan, Norway, Peru, South Africa, Sweden, Russia, UK and USA.

RNECs currently working on their local modules: Mexico & Ireland


Board of Advisors

Jean-Christophe CARTERON

General Secretary

Aurélien DECAMPS

Board Members


Governance of the SAS Sulitest Impact

More details to come!

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