The largest database on Sustainability knowledge

 The Sulitest project is an initiative to enhance sustainability literacy at a global level. It also provides academics with a rich potential for conducting research.


Potential Reseach Areas

A research community is gathering around the Sulitest platform to produce and advance knowledge on sustainability literacy and education for sustainable development by conducting comparative, analytical and/or critical studies with the data.

The potential scope of academic research with the Sulitest platform is wide. However, several themes have already been identified:

  • Using Sulitest's open database to question, analyze and monitor sustainability literacy.
  • Examining Sulitest, as a case-study for ESD (Education for Sustainable Development).
  • Collaborating and creating complementary local modules and questions as a living intercultural experiment.
  • Designing complementary quantitative or qualitative surveys with a "Premium" Access…

Open data

The Sulitest provides a snapshot of sustainability literacy worldwide which can be monitored over time. This database is available for academic research only (see GTU). Of course, the Sulitest guarantees that all respondents and universities are anonymous in the database.

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