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Engage staff, management and C-level executives and place Sustainable Development at the heart of your Organization's strategy.

Your organization has a role to play!

In today’s complex, interconnected, and fast moving world, each and every decision we take has an impact on our society and our planet. How do you help your organization progress on the journey to ecological sustainability and social responsibility?

Place sustainable development at the heart of your organization's strategy


How can I use the Sulitest platform?  

For organizations and companies:  
  • Raise awareness, educate, evaluate and train employees and stakeholders on what sustainability means for your company
  • Map the sustainability literacy of your staff
  • Raise awareness amongst your team, a department, the executive board
  • Attract and retain talents
  • Add value to your brand
  • Assess  progress made by the various stakeholders on what Sustainable Development means for your company
When using “Premium Access“ 
  • Add specific questions, tailored to your organization, to adapt sustainability concepts to your specific organizational context, goals and environment
  • Engage your staff in your CSR strategy
  • Make your employees aware of Sustainable Development issues using the "Quiz" game and the  "Explorer" mode
  • Evaluate specific actions and projects
  • Assess your brand image and reputation
  • Provide indicators and tangible data to external auditors
  • Customize staff and managerial training programs

Examples of use in an organization



Sustainable Development Department
  • Raise awareness of colleagues on the risks and impacts linked to Sustainable Development issues
  • Identify topics that colleagues want to engage with and learn about.
  • Use data for key indicators in your annual integrated report.
  • Track progress on Sustainable Development Education from year to year 
Human Ressources
  • Benchmark colleagues, identify areas for improvement and put in place corrective actions
  • Introduce your Sustainable Development actions and and CSR strategy during the recruitment phase



  • Co-create new questions to foster a better group dynamics, and enhanced commitment of all members.
  • Use Sulitest as an engagement tool for different teams & departments
  • Use customization features to help your stakeholders better understand your organization's Corporate Social Responsibilities strategy


How do I start?

  • Register your organization here  (before signing up, please check if your organization is already registered)
  • If your organization is already registered, create a session or manage your account —  


For detailed information, check out the tutorial videos HERE or download the USER GUIDE

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