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Engage staff, management and C-level executives and place Sustainable Development at the heart of your Organization's strategy.

Your organization has a role to play!

In today’s complex, interconnected and in perpetual mutation world, each and every decision we take has an impact on our society and our Planet.

Your company, your organization has a role to play to improve its impact on society: you need to develop, share and deploy your vision of what sustainability means for you.

But how can you make sure that employees, staff, management, c-level executives -- and even external stakeholders-- are well-equipped to make sustainability part of their daily activities and responsibilities?  How do you help your organization progress on the journey to sustainability and social responsability ?



The Sulitest platform is the perfect toolset for sharing your vision and engaging employees and stakeholders in your journey to sustainability


Use the Sulitest platform and organize "Learning mode" sessions to... 



... Sensitize, Educate, Evaluate and Train employees and stakeholders on what sustainability means for your company:

  • Map the sustainability literacy of your staff
  • Raise awareness amongst your team, a department, the executive board…
  • Attract and retain talents
  • Add value to your brand
  • Assess  progress made by the various stakeholders on what Sustainable Development means for your company

Adapt the Sulitest platform to your company and integrate it into your Sustainable Development training plan using "Premium" Access and ...

... add specific questions, tailored to your organization, to adapt sustainability concepts to your specific organizational context, goals and environment:

  • Engage your staff in your CSR strategy
  • Make your employees aware of Sustainable Development issues using the "Quiz" game and the  "Explorer" mode
  • Evaluate specific actions and projects
  • Collect data about your stakeholders’ expectations about your CSR commitments
  • Assess your brand image and reputation
  • Provide indicators and tangible data to external auditors
  • Customize staff and managerial training programs


Examples of use in an organization


For SMEs or large companies and corporations

Sustainable Development Department
  • I raise colleagues' awareness of the risks and challenges of Sustainable Development and their impact on our company.
  • During the "Sustainability Week" I use the Sulitest platform features to identify activities and topics that colleagues want to engage with and learn about.

  • I use data collected from Sulitest for key indicators in our annual integrated report.
  • I can monitor awareness on sustainability from year to year

Human Ressources
  • I had the participants take the Test at the beginning of a training program. It enabled me to benchmark them, identify areas for improvement and put in place efficient corrective actions
  • Having new hirees or candidates pass the Test allows me to introduce Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility during the  recruitment phase.

  • By having external stakeholders take a customized version of the Test, I better understand how our company's Corporate Social Responsibilities activities are perceived and how our actions are valued.

Executive Board
  • Sulitest has raised awareness among the Board to our company's risks, opportunities and societal challenges.
  • The test can link in-house CSR experts who don't yet communicate among themselves.



In a NGO, an administration or an institution

  • The Sulitest platform illuminates teams already engaged in specific areas but not necessarily aware of systemic issues and more global sustainability challenges.
  • Co-creating a new module of customized questions has fostered a new group dynamics, and enhanced commitment of all members.
  • We organized a "Sulitest Challenge" internally involving different teams & departments to raise awareness and improve engagement.

Human Resources

  • Using customized questions for new staff integration and training, we can share our specific Corporate Social Responsibility challenges and objectives.
Community Impact

  • Personalizing the questions helps us identify areas for improvement and have more impact.
  • Using the Sulitest platform, we can measure our stakeholder's perception of our impact and commitments on an annual basis, while raising awareness on key issues.


Professional networks and  associations


  • During our annual convention we organized a Sulitest session for all participants
  • We have created specific modules dedicated to our sector of activity and made them available to all our members, to improve their knowledge
  • By promoting the Sulitest platform towards our members, we demonstrate our commitment on Sustainable Development
  • We organize Sulitest challenges periodically
  • Our members are mainly Small and Medium Enteprises that don't necessarily have time and resources to get involved and informed on all stakes. Sulitest can make them go further in their engagement
  • We use Sulitest at the end of all our professional trainings to verify Sustainable Development proficiency
  • Finding common ground on the specific questions for our new customized module made us confront our points of view and converge towards a shared vision

 contact us for all uses in your network


Sustainable Development Consulting Agency, Human Resources Agency, ...

  • Customizing the questions to the specific stakes of my client allows me to have a clear idea of the kind of people I will work with
  • We use the Sulitest platform before and after each training cycle to evaluate candidates' progress
  • The exercise to create the specific questions with my stakeholders has clearly been just as valuable as making them pass the test
  • Being an "Authorized Agent" demonstrates that sustainable development is more than just simply cosmetics
  • We often have clients asking us for pre-qualified profiles combining required skill sets with a minimum knowledge on sustainability stakes; the Sulitest platform helps us detect candidates and evaluate their skills and competencies.


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